Relieving ministers of administration duties

A survey of the archdiocese of Cologne in 2014 found out that ministers are busy with administrational duties for  25 hours a week. Invalid style attribute. In ordder to reduce this and gain more time for pastoral care, so called  administrational executives are hired.

My recently published study shows different ways of relieving the ministers in the 27 German dioceses. Invalid style attribute. Virtually all dioceses consider providing their ministers with an administrational executive. The ways leading there and the actual tasks are very different though.

I have discussed questions of administrational relief in several workshops in Germany and Austria over the past few weeks. It is clear that the given assignments and the responsibility in management have major influence on the ministers’ future role. And it is important to reflect upon the question how to avoid the impression that volunteer involvement is no longer welcome in some areas. In conclusion: Why should administrational personnel be employed? What pastoral motivation is there? It cannot be to merely mend holes; that would be everything but permament. This last question  seems to be as important to the whole idea as structural questions like tasks etc.